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26. Worf Seders Dot Tumblr Dot Com

We’re joined by friend of the podcast Jules to discuss religion in Star Trek, and to interrogate the alleged secularism of the franchise.

You might know Jules as “the woman in the Captain Killy cosplay who asked Alex Kurtzman about the implications of erasing the Discovery crew from the record” at San Diego Comic Con – and we talk about that, too. But by the end of this episode, you’ll also know her as “the woman with elaborate and amazing headcanons about Worf’s Seders”.

Also covered: 

  • Blair Imani, the hijabi fan whose Geordi LaForge-inspired cosplay gave us the idea for this episode
  • Roddenberry’s evolving beliefs
  • What else is lost if humanity “evolves beyond religion”?
  • Anika argues that all the TOS movies (including Generations) are full of overt religious themes
  • Liz defends Kai Winn, and we have a semi-related discussion about education on Deep Space 9
  • Discovery’s depiction of religion, particularly in “New Eden” (which is Jules’s cue to start drinking)
  • Con artists who claim to be deities
  • Q as the Jewish devil 
  • The false science versus religion dichotomy


You can find Jules on Twitter at @juleshastweets, and her DS9 rewatch blog at