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135. Sensitive New Age Terrorist (TNG 3.12)

As our unofficial Festival of Beverly continues, Anika and Liz hang out in some caves and have very earnest discussions about terrorism. Yes, we’re discussing “The High Ground”!

133. Fandom Unicorns

It’s Valentine’s Day! Or close enough. Anika and Liz settle in with chocolate, champagne and a list of their favourite OTPs. And OT3s. And … look, we have so many ships, we’re practically a navy. 

In A Hole (TNG 1.21)

Anika and Liz get chased by some drones, fall down a hall, and take the opportunity to discuss the first season TNG episode “The Arsenal of Freedom”…

131. Fortune Cookie Therapy

Anika and Liz don their blue shirts and do a deep dive into depictions of depression in Star Trek. (Please note this includes discussions of suicide and self-harm.)  Specific episodes we talk about include:

Classic Hijinks (Prodigy 1.17 and 1.18)

Anika and Liz swap bodies and invade some holonovels as we discuss the Star Trek: Prodigy episodes “Ghost in the Machine” and “Mindwalk”. And along the way, we touch on…

128. F*ck Yoda (Prodigy 1.15 and 1.16)

Anika and Liz replicate some coffee, put on some classical music, and get into some backstory. And along the way, we discuss…

Meta-Murf-osis (Prodigy 1.14)

Anika and Liz don their cutest Starfleet-issue hooded coats and beam down to an icy outpost in search of some fugitives, and along the way, we discuss Star Trek: Prodigy‘s fourteenth episode!