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41. As Organic As A Happy Meal (Picard 1.07)

Take a long, leisurely trip to Nepenthe with Anika and Liz as we discuss: 

  • The Riker-Troi family, Kestra the perfect-but-not-in-a-Mary-Sue-way kid character, synths and stem cells and pizza
  • Our very, very strong reservations about Hugh’s fate, and Anika has found The Worst Take
  • The fruitless search for depth in Narissa
  • Cris Rios (he is not a clever man)
  • Narek (and his collection of fidget spinners)

Anika also outlines the TOS novel The Lost Years by JM Dillard, and how it might tie in to the story here; and Liz is close to figuring out how to blame Sarek for everything, including the fact that she refers to both Elnor and Rios as Narek. 

  • Times Anika cries: 1
  • Times Liz says, “I’m eager to see what happens next”: at least 5

1 thought on “41. As Organic As A Happy Meal (Picard 1.07)”

  1. I LOVE Rios but he is definitely not very bright lol. Out of everything that happened in this season, his suspicion of Raffi(i love her, she’s doing her best!!)at that point just seemed so strange that it’s one of the nitpicky things I’m still suck on a whole week after finally watching the show. Like buddy, Agnes all but spelled out that she was #doinalittlemurderwhoops and he was still like ‘hmm maybe the spy is one of my closest friends, maybe it’s the pretty blond. who can really know’ like sir huh? Lol I really do like him though like he tries and that’s what counts!

    Also, “I am very good at not knowing what’s going on” is a mood. And also maybe my new motto because same.

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