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114. Able-Bodied Writing (Picard 2.09 and 2.10)

Okay, team! It’s time for the final two episodes of Star Trek: Picard season 2. Anika and Liz exchange awkward hugs, get stabbed a little, and return to the early 25th century as we discuss…

  • To be blunt, we did not enjoy these episodes or, ultimately, the season
  • CONTENT WARNING: We discuss the Yvette storyline, suicide and mental healthcare from 5:04 to 25:20. If you are vulnerable or simply not in the mood, feel more than free to skip. And if you are vulnerable or affected by this and need help, here are some resources: 
    • (international)
    • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-TALK (8255), Text HOME to 741741 from anywhere in the United States, anytime. 
    • Lifeline Australia: 13 11 14
  • The theme of the season is loneliness
  • How do you have Orla Brady in two roles and waste her in both?
  • Raffi/Seven is the new Hera/Kanan (in that there is a total disconnect between what the writers think the relationship is versus the actual relationship on screen)
  • We do not love Rios’s ending (or the way all but one of the original characters have been discarded)
  • Anyway, that was a whole THING! That was just super not for us! Even the bits that should have been!

1 thought on “114. Able-Bodied Writing (Picard 2.09 and 2.10)”

  1. “I just want better for Raffi” that’s been my main thought for the entire run of this show. Like, hard agree.

    I binged this show in a matter of days(saw gifs of raffi doing hot things with a phaser and lost all sense of reason, her power lol)and now I’m catching up on reviews/podcasts and I’m so glad that the overall sense of “this is baffling/bad” that I had the entire time watching the series wasn’t just a me thing.

    Last season was iffy but I got what they were going for and had hope for the future. This season though, wow. Pure wasteful irresponsibility in terms of writing and coherency. Doing away with all but one member of the main cast is the biggest example of this but Rios’ ending was so ridiculous to me it was almost cruel? There’s so much BS coming his way and he and his friends know that but….he’s apparently cool with that? Because… pretty woman? Lol. I get that they were going for ‘love saves all/he fits now’ but it fell flat because, though not necessarily romantic, he already had a family and a place and making romance his end all be all was silly.

    But Raffi.

    I’m obsessed with how rounded out she is despite the writing not being all the way there(Michelle Hurd is a treasure)and how messy and complex she gets to be but seeing so many of her characteristics/actions being slanted as manipulative or bad when she’s really just existing plus not seeing her get any consistent support despite giving it(sometimes badly but still trying)really bugged me.

    I’m glad she’s sticking around but I’m also wary because of the way she’s been treated so far. Pairing her with Seven(who I find fascinating but feel the writers get a little wrapped up in)gives me little hope that she’ll be treated better only because right now, she feels like an extension of Seven and has been the more invested of the two in their relationship. Like I’m okay with where they ended up once I realized the writers were literally doing what the hell ever with their relationship, and I was at least getting a kiss out of it, but it bothers me that there was so little initiative from Seven. I could reach and say that’s a feature of their relationship but knowing how things go with this show, it’s probably a bug. I really do love Raffi though and hope season 3 is good to her.

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