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137. Dr Howard and the Multiverse of Trekness (Q-Squared)

Peter David is recovering from a series of strokes, along with a mild heart attack. His wife is raising money for his medical bills, and if you enjoy our coverage of his work, please consider throwing a few bucks their way.

Also, this episode contains spoilers for the end of Star Trek: Picard.

Anika and Liz hang out in midair in a turbolift shaft and read pages 106-214 (paperback edition) of Q-Squared by Peter David. Along the way, we discuss…

  • Paranoid readings, ie, Peter David did not singlehandedly invent misogyny out of nowhere
  • Tommy Riker is the Spock. Yes, really
  • Worf/Deanna is a multi-universal constant. Sorry, but it’s true
  • So is Worf/Riker. Don’t @ us
  • This was very formative
  • Track B Picard = Raffi Musiker
  • There’s something a bit cathartic about hating Jack Crusher (the first) as much as we do
  • “There’s a particular type of masculinity that people associate with the starship captain.”
  • Nurse Geordi and Data the human-oid
  • We are taking out a restraining order against the entire Q Continuum
  • Trelane obsesses over something Kirk said but doesn’t understand it, making him the ultimate Star Trek fan
  • Fan service and nostalgia