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134. Android Butt (TNG 1.13)

no one puts Data in the corner

“Hey, someone left a naked disassembled android lying around! We should definitely rebuild him!” Anika and Liz, minus their evil twins, discuss “Datalore” … with some Picard spoilers along the way. 

  • Skip to 00:49 to avoid the big spoiler and also Liz singing
  • (Liz actually pronounces French words even worse than she sings, so, um, apologies to France)
  • “I apologise to everyone for comparing Beverly Crusher to Darth Vader, however…”
  • This is an episode about family, and not just the Soongs
  • Breaking down the “Shut up, Wesley” scene
  • Picard spoilers from 26:03 to 26:15
  • And again from 27:05 to 27:32
  • If you are a Wil Wheaton who was forced to participate in the “Shut up, Wesley” scene, you may be entitled to compensation
  • But seriously, fandom’s treatment of Wil was NOT OKAY and it’s alarming how little has changed (from alt.wesley.die.die.die to Facebook comments complaining that Bella Ramsey isn’t playing a sexy 14 year old)
  • Very, very mild spoilers for Picard from 41:49 to 42:11
  • Bigger spoilers from 45:06 to 50:24
  • “It’s almost like they can’t understand women as something that are unrelated to men.” THIS APPLIES TO EVERY ERA OF STAR TREK (except Discovery)
  • “I mean, just because something is bad doesn’t mean you can’t love it. We’re Voyager fans!”
  • #SynthIntensifies

Extra credits: this episode uses a drop created by Adam Ragusea for The Greatest Generation (go listen), and portions of compositions by Ron Jones. We’re calling it fair use since we were discussing those pieces.