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Meta-Murf-osis (Prodigy 1.14)

It’s debatable whether Cleveland Booker is really Star Trek’s Han Solo, but there’s no question that Grudge is Chewy

Anika and Liz don their cutest Starfleet-issue hooded coats and beam down to an icy outpost in search of some fugitives, and along the way, we discuss Star Trek: Prodigy‘s fourteenth episode!

  • “We have a plan but everything goes wrong” and “this could all be resolved if people talk to each other” are classic plots going back to Shakespeare and beyond, BUT that doesn’t mean we have to like them!
  • Liz spends an episode talking about Xindi Insectoids even though they are clearly Reptilians
  • Stop! Don’t split up the landing party! Don’t leave Rok-Tahk unsupervised! Honestly, these teenagers and children are weirdly not good at planning.
  • You’d think Holo Janeway would have said something, but she’s also very young! And also, she can’t get home until the weapon is resolved? And she’s a Janeway, so that must be hard? 
  • We are mystified by the ongoing presence of Okona in the animated Treks. MYSTIFIED.
  • Antimatter Pod remains an unapologetically pro-Romulan podcast
  • We need to know every single thing about Commander Tysess, especially whether or not he and Tuvok are BFFs
  • Some decades-overdue worldbuilding for the Tellarites, yet it has been 50-odd years and we have yet to see a single Tellarite woman
  • We engage in wild and baseless speculation about what season 2 will look like — will the kids steal a different starship? Will Admiral Janeway adopt Rok-Tahk? 
  • Murf’s new appearance is a bit. Um.