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41. As Organic As A Happy Meal (Picard 1.07)

Take a long, leisurely trip to Nepenthe with Anika and Liz as we discuss: 

  • The Riker-Troi family, Kestra the perfect-but-not-in-a-Mary-Sue-way kid character, synths and stem cells and pizza
  • Our very, very strong reservations about Hugh’s fate, and Anika has found The Worst Take
  • The fruitless search for depth in Narissa
  • Cris Rios (he is not a clever man)
  • Narek (and his collection of fidget spinners)

Anika also outlines the TOS novel The Lost Years by JM Dillard, and how it might tie in to the story here; and Liz is close to figuring out how to blame Sarek for everything, including the fact that she refers to both Elnor and Rios as Narek. 

  • Times Anika cries: 1
  • Times Liz says, “I’m eager to see what happens next”: at least 5