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128. F*ck Yoda (Prodigy 1.15 and 1.16)

And always remember, plastics recycling is mostly a scam!

Anika and Liz replicate some coffee, put on some classical music, and get into some backstory. And along the way, we discuss…

  • Good news, Dal! We know who your family is! Bad news, they’re the worst people in the galaxy. I’m sorry. You’re a Soong.
  • We continue to respectfully fangirl Aaron Waltke
  • It’s never too soon to introduce your children to bioethics
  • Rok-Tahk is the anti Toph Beifong
  • The Tellarites just took a DISABLED ORPHAN and THREW HIM INTO SPACE we are NOT OKAY and neither is Jankom Pog
  • Now as much as in the ’90s, the Kazon deserve better
  • Like many people raised by abusive parents, Gwyn is incredibly aware of the emotional state of everyone around her
  • The Diviner: a bad person, should be stopped
  • The Vindicator: she can have anything she wants, we support her
  • (We ship it)
  • We have a new theory about what Chakotay is doing, and if we’re right (sometimes we’re right!) it could justify his whole presence in the show and maybe even redeem the character from decades of racist writing