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78. Space Benghazi (Star Trek: Continues: 1.07)

Liz and Anika watch an episode of Star Trek: Continues, and just because it’s not canon doesn’t mean we aren’t going to waaaaaay overthink it!

  • we are maybe the wrong audience for a loving tribute to The Original Series
  • a loving recreation of a ‘60s aesthetic … that ends when women sit in the hair and make-up chair
  • no one needed an explanation for “Turnabout Intruder”
  • imagine a metaphor for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign … but with Spock as Trump
  • “Canon should be elastic. Canon should not be a rigid line. Ever.”
  • Dr McKennah, the major original character in this series — she’s a total Mary Sue and we love her

It’s the episode where Anika says, “He’s doing a Chekov accent, not a Russian accent,” and we’re not entirely sure if that’s good or bad.