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76. Space Zoom (First Contact Day 2021)

Pour a shot of tequila and carve up the salmon, Liz and Anika are here to discuss the news and trailers coming out of First Contact Day – along with the whole idea of fannish “holidays”.

  • The official Star Trek con will be held next year in Chicago, Liz’s favourite city in the US. She still can’t go, but…
  • Star Trek: Prodigy and Long Janeway
  • The Christine Baranski Cinematic Universe
  • A new Star Trek movie! With ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO GO ON, we are speculating wildly
  • We want multiverses! We want Kelvin!Michael! We want new characters we’ve never even heard of yet!
  • Liz was completely underwhelmed by the promise of Q’s return in Star Trek: Picard, but Anika has an idea which CHANGES EVERYTHING
  • We have a good, solid rant about Akiva Goldsman’s recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter
  • Why is Q such a dick, anyway?
  • We are extremely excited for the next season of Discovery
  • Fannish anniversaries and holidays: they’re kind of weird
  • How Anika created PadMay
  • Stay tuned for Katoberfest