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68. A Little Capitalism, As A Treat (Discovery 3.12)

Okay, but Nilsson is gone and suddenly we have Lt Ina, and we’re … not meant to notice?

Anika’s back! But where is Lt Nilsson…? (Did Grudge eat her?)

This ep has some audio issues, as Liz learns new software, but we manage to discuss:

  • Is this Christmas homage a Die Hard episode?
  • Osyraa and Vance level up in characterisation
  • Osyraa/Vance arranged marriage fic now pls
  • Does Osyraa need to raid Georgiou’s wardrobe?
  • RIP Anika’s Andorian
  • We EXPLICITLY SAID we didn’t want to know how the replicators work
  • Who is the Federation President? Our candidates include Voyager’s EMH, and also Grudge