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60. Trilling Around (Discovery 3.04)

There are no haikus in this episode.

Liz and Anika return to the Trill homeworld, and also attend an awkward dinner party. It’s time to talk about Discovery 3.04, “Forget Me Not”!
We discuss:

  • how very 2020 this season feels … but in a good way?
  • the Adira/Gray romance, representation, ghost stories, YA fiction and Truly, Madly, Deeply
  • Saru’s character growth
  • Liz wants you all to know she hated “Calypso”
  • it took three seasons, but Culber is finally the fully fledged character Anika always knew he could be
  • Buster Keaton, and when the A and the B stories are the same

It’s the episode where we reluctantly accept Linus’s gift of popcorn!


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