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58. Sexy Neelix (Discovery 3.01 and 3.02)

Not remotely a one-woman tactical squad

Like season 3 of Discovery, Liz and Anika are a little bit delayed but totally worth the wait. We hope!

We’re discussing the first two episodes of Discovery’s third season: “That Hope Is You” and “Far From Home”. And, along the way, we talk about…

  • Grudge, a good catte
  • Cleveland “Book” Booker, a Jedi and a Disney princess
  • Aditya Sahil, the bureaucrat who waited
  • We … kind of maybe don’t care about the Burn, except to the extent we’ve decided it’s Jonathan Archer’s fault
  • Nhan/Georgiou: we ship it
  • The breakup of Yugoslavia (it’s relevant!)
  • Westerns, and characters who don’t know the genre of their story