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53. Modesty Slime (Star Trek: Lower Decks 1.01)

Spider cow, spider cow! Gumming on Brad Boimler now!

Hey, remember two weeks ago, when we were like, “Well, maybe Star Trek: Lower Decks won’t be for us, and that’s okay.” 


  • This is now a Beckett Mariner stan podcast
  • We want to know a lot more about Rutherford and his prosthesis
  • (Attention mad scientists: if you need a test subject, Anika volunteers)
  • Corridor bunks? Corridor bunks!
  • Liz has a pitch for the season finale
  • Tendi: Is she fanon!Gaila? 
  • Boimler: He is definitely a character who exists
Animated gif of Beckett Mariner giving a backwards Vulcan salute and saying, "Well, live long and prosper."