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37. Proto-Existentialist Sad Boy (Picard 1.03)

The End! Is the Beginning! 

It’s season 1, episode 3 of Star Trek: Picard, and we’re discussing: 

  • Romulannisters! Uh, are we meant to see this much chemistry between the Romulan siblings? [If this subject matter squicks you, skip ahead to about the 03:50 mark.]
  • Smoking and space bongs and visual shorthand in Star Trek
  • Ego as Picard’s besetting flaw
  • It’s always a mistake to think too hard about the Federation economy, but here we are again
  • Does Cris Rios need a baby Yoda?
  • Has Agnes Jurati been brainwashed?
  • We love our weird new space family and we don’t want a single character to die
  • Soji’s job is more interesting than her romance with Narek
  • Storytelling via literary references
  • What would Soji read? Hit us up at @antimatterpod on Twitter, or here on Tumblr, and share your thoughts!