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31. Tribble Apocalypse (NYCC 2019)

Slightly belated discussion of New York Comic Con and the new trailers for Discovery and Picard, and also the two new Short Treks: “Q&A” and “The Trouble With Edward”. (Well. They were new when we scheduled this episode.)

Also covered: 

  • Liz met Jason Isaacs
  • Are the Disco writers softening us up for something controversial?
  • How the Federation is like the Catholic Church
  • No, really!
  • Are we meant to be shipping Spock and Una?
  • (too late, we ship it)
  • Which Antimatter Pod host would eat a tribble? (Spoilers: one of us is an appalled vegetarian!)

Link: Women at Warp talk to Hanelle M. Culpepper about directing Star Trek.