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18. Justice for Necheyev (Starfleet Admirals)

We’re talking about Starfleet’s admiralty!

  • Just how many Starfleet admirals are evil? Liz ran the numbers!
  • Why are so many admirals antagonistic, if not outright villains?
  • And what are the qualities which make a good admiral?
  • Apparently we have more sympathy for Admiral Norah Satie than most people
  • We’re still pretty mad that Kat died
  • Anika proposes a game: which Star Trek characters should or definitely should not be admirals?
  • Career paths of the future: in a utopia where people are free to choose their paths achieving/not achieving flag rank shouldn’t be the measure of a character’s worth

Specific characters discussed: 

  • Patterson (VOY – “Relativity”)
  • Hanson (TNG – “The Best of Both Worlds”)
  • Haftel (TNG – “The Offspring)
  • Patar (DSC – “Project Daedalus”)
  • Cornwell (DSC)
  • Satie (TNG – “The Drumhead”)
  • Necheyev (TNG — particularly the “Chain of Command” and “Descent” two-parters)
  • Janeway (VOY and Star Trek: Nemesis)
  • Kirk (TOS and Star Trek: The Motion Picture, The Wrath of Khan and The Search for Spock)

Content note: We discuss the telepathic sexual assault of Deanna Troi in Star Trek: Nemesis for about sixty seconds, starting at around the 40 minute mark.