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17. Making the 23rd Century Great Again (Disco 2.14)

Join us as we discuss the season finale of Star Trek: Discovery season 2, and … well, we were not hugely positive about it. 

Along the way, we talk about:

  • space battles!
  • ensemble moments we loved!
  • we have … concerns … about the Ba’ul’s wellbeing!
  • Klingons!
  • poorly executed character deaths!
  • why doesn’t Discovery trust its audience?!
  • we hate the epilogue so much!
  • why is season 2 such a mess?!?!
  • Is it possible to overuse the interrobang? Okay, but unlimited exclamation marks are okay, right?!

Other highlights include Liz almost crying — three times! And Anika pitches a Trekkish take on The Clone Wars.