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164. The Sito Jaxa Duology (TNG 5.19 and 7.15)

Anika and Liz assemble a board of inquiry and examine two episodes which turned out to be significant for Star Trek: Lower Decks – “The First Duty” and “Lower Decks”. Are we gonna cry? Oh yes. 

“The First Duty”:

  • Imagine if Beverly Crusher got to parent her son
  • “Anika needs to talk about Jack Crusher” is an item in our outline
  • We get into the really serious issue: who is dating whom in Nova Squadron?
  • Liz’s knowledge of American high school life, as gleaned from YA fiction and Archie comics
  • Star Trek is a place where it’s okay to fail

“Lower Decks”:

  • Picard’s relationship with Sito
  • The Enterprise only takes the best. So why are the bridge crew SO bad at managing staff?
  • Except Worf, an unexpected contender for Best Boss Ever
  • And Deanna Troi, Holder of the Brain Cell
  • We can infer a lot about Sito’s personal growth between “The First Duty” and now, and her reconnection with Bajoran culture
  • Our semi-regular one-sided correspondence with Mike McMahon continues
  • Critiquing Worf’s contouring