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161. Holding Hands at the Malt Shop

We’re back for 2024! With some genuinely awful sound quality because Liz is so out of practice that she forgot to move her microphone from its place on top of the printer to … you know. Somewhere in the vicinity of her mouth. 

But the show must go on, and Anika and Liz are pulling the names of Star Trek men out of a hat and deciding whether or not they’re any good in bed. Yes, it’s the SEX … Now That We’ve Got Your Attention episode, and decidedly not suitable for children.

The hat has us talking about…

  • Jack Crusher (the secret Picard baby not Wesley’s dad)
  • Rom
  • Shaxs
  • Tuvok (our beloved)
  • Jean-Luc Picard
  • The Doctor
  • Jonathan Archer
  • Cris Rios
  • Odo
  • Gary Mitchell
  • Narek
  • Garak
  • Saru
  • Benjamin Sisko
  • Jack Ransom
  • Hugh Culber (with bonus Paul Stamets)
  • Liam Shaw
  • Dr Migleemo

We also abandoned the hat to specifically discuss…

  • Spock (Ethan Peck edition)
  • Chakotay
  • Will Riker
  • Chris Pike
  • Sarek (Vulcan’s greatest love machine)