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160. Chekov’s Genesis Device (LD 4.10)

Anika and Liz do a deal with some Orions and definitely know which Chek(h)ov had the gun on the mantelpiece, it is a joke, we are only accepting criticism if it is delivered via Mark Twain impression. And Anika is not home to Mark Twain impressions.

Yes, it’s the finale of season 4 of Star Trek: Lower Decks, “Old Friends, New Planets”!

  • They stuck the landing!
  • We remain, as we have been since episode 1, a Beckett Mariner Stan Podcast
  • You Are Not Special, Bro: The Nicholas Locarno Story
  • Star Trek is bad at romance (but all media is bad at romance these days)
  • …we’re just gonna talk about shipping in the other series for a minute
  • Orion is Matriarchal Capitalist Westeros and we’re okay with that
  • Anika remains SHOCKINGLY BIASED against both Migleemo and Mark Twain