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149. All Hurt, No Comfort (SNW 2.08)

“Under the Cloak of War” is a really serious, complex episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds … but don’t worry, Anika and Liz are here to talk about the sex pollen fic opportunities! And also:

  • Looking at fan reactions to this episode, one might almost begin to think people apply a different standard to new Trek compared with the Star Trek of the ’90s
  • Liz completely misremembers the matter of the Accountant of Auschwitz: it was Germany, not Israel, who put him on trial and sentenced him to prison, and he died before he began his sentence
  • Did M’Benga do it?
  • It’s a real shame Starfleet’s only competent admiral/mental health professional got blown up
  • The Federation is America (derogatory)
  • We are once again asking, whose utopia is it anyway?