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147. His Job Is Just … Trek (SNW 2.08)

Anika and Liz get sucked into a vortex and are mysteriously transformed from cartoons into real human beings! Yes, it’s time to talk about Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, season 2, episode 7, “Those Old Scientists”!

  • Hi, we loved this episode! 
  • Boimler is fandom: he expects things to be a certain way and freaks out that SNW is different
  • Mariner is also fandom: she loves Uhura and finds her inspiring, and has more respect for canon than she wants to admit
  • Anika has a presentation on how “Those Old Scientists” parallels the plot of Barbie (2023)
  • (this episode is also about identity)
  • Liz can also make this about Oppenheimer (2023)
  • Boimler is not excited to meet Christine Chapel (and he’s wrong, but what does that tell us about the history of this era?)
  • Stop saying Spirk. This is a callout post (for us)
  • Save Mariner from SNW’s heterosexual agenda
  • It’s self-congratulatory references all the way down, but would this crossover work with any other series?
  • Does Pike need to be punched in the face by Jonathan Archer for his own good? Our theory is … yes!