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146. Star Trek: Microaggressions (SNW 2.06)

Anika and Liz roll up to a cool-looking nebula, only to find it’s alive! Hey, are we experiencing deja vu? Does the Federation mining industry need to be stopped at all costs? We’re discussing Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, season 2, episode 6, “Lost in Translation”!

  • Please stop using disabled bodies as monsters, show!
  • It’s interesting how SNW is reproducing the problems (episodic storytelling, the reset button) that stymied Voyager
  • White men and Christine get development through hijinks and romantic adventures; everyone else gets trauma, and a disproportionate amount of it falls on Black characters
  • Is La’an jealous because Jim is hanging out with Nyota? Jealousy plots: they’re not good! On the other hand, La’an has a pile of feelings she cannot process with anyone else…
  • Uhura has been so underused this season, it’s great to see her get some focus, but why is she constantly being bombarded with microaggressions? First Spock in season 1 and now Kirk are like, “Hey, maybe you don’t belong in Starfleet”? Come on, guys!
  • Why does Star Trek keep casting men who are far too old for their roles?
  • Modern Star Trek‘s relationship with subtlety and subtext: “I don’t know her”
  • Liz is seeking expressions of interest for a new Blorbo