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144. Rom(ulan)Com (SNW 2.03)

Anika and Liz find themselves stranded in 2023 Toronto, and over some Tim Hortons and poutine, catch up to discuss the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds episode “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow”…

  • FIRST we are very angry and sad about the cancellation of Star Trek: Prodigy
  • SECOND, we were extremely nervous going into this episode, and then … we loved it? 
  • Introducing Paul Wesley’s Kirk via a set of AUs is really smart
  • Is this the best episode of Enterprise or the sequel to “Time and Again” we didn’t know we needed? Yes. Is it a problem that SNW keeps revisiting old stories? Yes. Did we love it regardless? Yes
  • Okay FINE we’re shipping La’an/Kirk BUT IN THIS TIMELINE ONLY
  • An actual Secret Romulan that we didn’t make up? A GIFT FOR US! (Also, again, aliens among humans, THERE’S A THEME)
  • The UNIT Dating Controversy of it all
  • It took three goes, but finally Khan Noonien Singh is played by a South Asian actor!
  • Anika calls it: we’re gonna see Brent Spiner in the finale
  • “Progress requires trauma” – does it, though? Does it really?
  • Are we the first Star Trek podcasters to talk about Pete Davidson?