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143. Star Trek: JAG (SNW 2.02)

Anika and Liz don their dress uniforms and stand trial for the crime of … oh, something. Background bird noise and that helicopter, probably. But ALSO we are here to talk about season 2, episode 2 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: “Ad Astra Per Aspera”, including…

  • Gene Roddenberry would be SO MAD there’s a civil rights lawyer in Star Trek! Which is not the ONLY reason it’s great, but it’s one!
  • Utopias are hard work and civil rights progress via litigation is incremental, and this episode gets that
  • This is a Neera Ketou Stan Podcast
  • HOWEVER Liz thinks the writing veered into a couple of ugly tropes
  • What’s Vice Admiral Pasalk’s deal? Is he a Secret Romulan???
  • It would be interesting to dig further into genetic alteration as a cultural practice versus eugenics as a violation of civil rights
  • It’s allegories all the way down!
  • “Aliens hiding among humans” seems to be a theme this season, but NOT in a paranoid way? Aside from our new hobby of Seeing Romulans Everywhere, of course
  • Ortegas has a new facet to her character! She’s racist!