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141. The Ninth Episode Curse (Star Trek: Picard season 3 – part 2)

Anika and Liz put on their most stylish Starfleet tactical vests and walk right into a trap. And along the way, we finish our discussion of season 3 of Star Trek: Picard, including…

  • We are not impressed by Captain Shaw
  • The Jack and Seven relationship is a HIGHLIGHT
  • Worf treats Raffi better than literally anyone else in the whole of Star Trek: Picard, which is … bad. Like, it’s great! But it’s bad
  • Liz hijacks the podcast to talk about Succession, and how Terry Matalas is like Logan Roy
  • “Vox” is better than previous penultimate episodes of the seasons, but still not great! Everyone is suddenly an idiot! 
  • Order 66, Star Trek style
  • Romance is … not this series’ strong suit
  • We spend a good few minutes working out how an unexpected pregnancy in middle-age can happen in a 24th century “utopia”, which is probably more time than the writers put in
  • It’s really hard to root for Seven/Raffi when they don’t seem to actually like each other
  • Stepford Laris
  • Liz has a whole rant about autistic representation in Picard; Anika responds with nuance
  • In conclusion, this is our pitch to showrun Star Trek: Legacy