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139. Every Trek Everywhere All At Once (Q-Squared)

Anika and Liz confront their alternate universe selves (who are them but with more trauma and different hairstyles). Along the way, we discuss…

  • Toxic masculinity spoils the party again
  • Track A is trauma all the way down
  • The entire multiverse ships Picard/Crusher, which, honestly? Feels right!
  • We shouldn’t have to say this, but infidelity does not justify murder
  • Like
  • Come on guys
  • Content warning: we discuss real world family violence and the murder-suicide in this book from about 7:25 to 15:00
  • (The specific details of the murder-suicide run from 11:42 to 15:00)
  • (Also Liz’s cat started walking acoss the desk and brushing his tail against the pop filter around the 15 minute mark — at least, that’s where it became impossible to mute the track because Liz was speaking)
  • This book owes Deanna Troi an apology
  • Tasha Yar, Hair Exposition and a long digression on the semiotics of short hair on women in the 1980s (Liz looked up Denise Crosby’s Playboy shoot, but it was for research, honest!)

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