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138. No Trek Home (Q-Squared)

While Anika builds a machine that lets her enter the heart of the universe, Liz is reduced to atoms and hangs around the galactic barrier for a few centuries.

OR … we got together for part 3 of our deep dive into Peter David’s Q-Squared. And we discuss…

  • Tommy Riker versus Jean-Luc Picard
  • Guys, don’t send a deeply traumatised former POW off to have a haircut from a stranger without getting his consent and giving him a Xanax first!
  • Track B Worf seems great, right up until you realise he’s Qanon Worf
  • Jack Crusher and Liam Shaw: how to build a character
  • Anika explains how Jack Crusher and Jar Jar Binks are the same
  • Beverly and Picard TOUCH HANDS and it’s a lot
  • A brief public service announcement: Michelle Yeoh is not Asian-American and should not be the face of AANHPI Month for Paramount+
  • We have very limited tolerance for Q’s stream-of-consciousness and also Gary Mitchell
  • There are hints — they’re pretty subtle, but they’re there — that Picard and Q have some sort of … bond? On a profound level? Huge if true

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