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122. Girlboss, Gaslight, Gatekeep (Kai Winn deep dive, part 3)

It’s like “take me, Time Lord” but for Pah Wraiths

Anika and Liz are letting their hair down and … giving themselves to the Pah Wraiths? This seems like a bad idea…

  • Remembering Louise Fletcher
  • All Star Treks should end before they have a mediocre seventh season that undermines everything that came earlier
  • We do not care for the Pah Wraiths as a concept
  • Make sure you’re sitting down because Liz has something nice to say about Rick Berman
  • Kira is a Jewish Bajoran and Winn is a Christian Bajoran
  • It turns out that if you watch all the Winn episodes in a short space of time, her season seven arc arc does not make sense at all
  • Winn/Dukat is a textbook abusive relationship and it’s troubling that fandom doesn’t see that or thinks she deserved it
  • The similarities between season 7 of DS9 and Revenge of the Sith are actually fairly impressive
  • RIP Solbor, the only person who cared about Winn (and he didn’t even like her)
  • It’s possible we’re meant to find Winn’s sensuality repellent (so once again Liz and Anika are Doing Star Trek Wrong)
  • The intimate partner violence of it all

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