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116. La’an Skywalker (SNW 1.03)

Anika and Liz beam up through an ion storm and discuss the third episode of Strange New Worlds, “Ghosts of Illyria”. Topics we cover include…

  • This is a pretty mediocre episode and the character stuff is very hit or miss
  • Do we need a log at the end to tell us what the moral is? 
  • We love La’an and we want to know everything about her, but her story makes no sense here
  • “I never think of you as a child,” in the context of a character first encountered as a child, is a terrible line
  • Somehow … Palpatine has returned (to our conversation)
  • Has no one told La’an that she can just … change her name? People can do it all the time! Anika did it! 
  • Don’t sleep in your eye make-up, guys. This is an Antimatter Pod PSA.