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115. The Christine Chapel Show (SNW 1.01 and 1.02)

Okay, but, like, imagine Sarek giving Spock the birds and the bees talk…

You will definitely need to wear your dress uniform to listen to Anika and Liz discuss the first two episodes of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds!

  • We are not watching for the plots, which are decidedly familiar, but the characters
  • Pike: dealing the burden of knowing he’s going to be the subject of an ableist plotline, and also his haircare routine
  • We are once again asking the writers to hire a disability consultant
  • This is a Pro-Spock/T’Pring podcast
  • Did Uhura need a tragic backstory? No, but Starfleet is full of orphans, so what’s one more?
  • It’s Christine Chapel’s universe, we’re just living in it
  • It feels like Sam Kirk is here purely to alienate casual viewers
  • La’an feels like a do-over of Tasha, and we approve
  • Is Ortegas queer? The show has started out on a pretty heteronormative note 
  • Hair Trek
  • You can rewrite “Amok Time” and erase “The Menagerie” (please! Please erase “The Menagerie!”) but you cannot tell us Spock doesn’t have chest hair. That is where we draw the canon line.
  • Protect Celia R. Gooding at all costs
  • Our new regular feature: Where Is Katrina Cornwell Right Now?