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109. Picardsplaining (PIC 2.01-2.04)

no one needed an explanation for why Picard is English

Liz and Anika take a trip [a couple of weeks] back in time and into another [section of the] universe: season 2 of Star Trek: Picard.

  • We really loved the first two episodes
  • Although Liz suspects she may have once said something about Laris and Picard having a father-daughter relationship, which, yikes
  • The other two episodes…
  • It’s hard to be invested in relationships when the foundations are weak
  • To borrow a phrase from another podcast: Where’s Beverly?
  • Do Raffi and Seven actually like each other?
  • Having Picard and Seven out here tone policing Black women was A Choice
  • We share some dental trauma stories from 34:43 to 36:67 if you’d rather skip that
  • Hey, remember when Soji was the main character?
  • Picard’s mother! Is a person! Who exists! We are excited yet afraid…
  • Are we MEANT to be shipping Agnes and the Borg Queen? Because we’re not waiting for permission!