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10. The Squid Ships It (Disco 2.07)

It’s our tenth episode! But we’re too busy talking about Discovery‘s “Light and Shadows” to notice. 

What we did notice and talk about: 

  • Michael Burnham, the sensible middle child of the family
  • Amanda Grayson, 1960s archetypes and disposable mothers in SF
  • Sarek: still the worst, but at least he … tries? And has an improbable yet charming amount of faith in Section 31?
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Pike and Tyler
  • We have divergent takes on Leland and where his story is likely to take him
  • Revisiting and retelling old stories

We wound up chatting for much, much longer than usual, so even though this episode runs for an hour, the following had to be cut: 

  • Speculation about whether or not Michael’s copy of Alice includes Through the Looking Glass
  • Anika’s feelings about Prince Charming (of Snow White and Once Upon A Time) as a static character, which has actually been cut twice, now, and you should definitely ask her about it if you’re curious