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09. Walks Like A Squid Sister (Disco 2.06)

Saru goes home again. We start out agreeing we don’t have much to say about this episode, then … talk even more than usual, covering such ground as:

  • Can we come up with a different Jeff Goldblum gif for every episode this season? 
  • This whole episode is exactly why we need the Prime Directive.
  • Kelpien worldbuilding.
  • Who is the Red Angel? What does it want? Who is it working for? 
  • Our weekly semi-related digression into other media takes us into video game territory.
  • Anika has very strong opinions about predestination paradoxes. We both have a lot of feelings about sickbay design and best practices when it comes to mental health care in space. 
  • For the benefit of our many listeners who are entomologists, Liz would like to emphasise that she does actually know that spiders are not insects. 
  • The jury is still out re: Lorca and whales, though.