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06. Klingon Botox (Disco 2.03)

Disco crammed a lot of episode into its running time! And so have we!


  • Disco’s crack is back! Questionable decisions! Doubtful pacing! We’re so happy!
  • Secret [spoilers]!
  • Okay, if you haven’t watched “Point of Light” yet, you should know that we spoil its biggest surprise less than thirty seconds into our chat. 
  • Social expectations for women, especially mothers
  • What Vulcans and Jedi have in common
  • We also talk costumes! The Princess DiariesGame of ThronesThe FavouriteAnd even more
  • (And we cut Liz’s two-minute rant about Lorca as the embodiment of misogynistic criticisms of Janeway; aside from being completely off-topic, that almost needs an episode in its own right.)