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04. He’s Not Like A Regular Captain, He’s A Cool Captain (Disco 2.01)

Anika and Liz are talking about “Brother”, the season 2 premiere of Star Trek: Discovery.

This episode contains spoilers for “Brother”, obviously, along with the whole of season one, and also the Short Trek “The Brightest Star”. 


  • Amanda Grayson’s around-the-house tiara
  • Sarek’s take on human children: adopt, don’t shop
  • Sylvia “All Too Relatable” Tilly (and The Way to the Stars, the just-released tie-in novel by Una McCormack which explores her teenage years)
  • Is Chris Pike too charming?
  • We know we can’t keep Tig Notaro on as a regular, but what if we did anyway? 

And more!

This week’s audio notes: Liz recorded her end on a very old laptop at her sister’s place. There’s some traffic noise, and general background noise, but also some birds really wanted to have their say. Listen out for the parrots. (Also listen for the bit where Liz accidentally refers to Paul Stamets as “Hugh”.)

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