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star trek: prodigy

Classic Hijinks (Prodigy 1.17 and 1.18)

Anika and Liz swap bodies and invade some holonovels as we discuss the Star Trek: Prodigy episodes “Ghost in the Machine” and “Mindwalk”. And along the way, we touch on…

128. F*ck Yoda (Prodigy 1.15 and 1.16)

Anika and Liz replicate some coffee, put on some classical music, and get into some backstory. And along the way, we discuss…

Meta-Murf-osis (Prodigy 1.14)

Anika and Liz don their cutest Starfleet-issue hooded coats and beam down to an icy outpost in search of some fugitives, and along the way, we discuss Star Trek: Prodigy‘s fourteenth episode!

Woke Borg (Prodigy 1.12)

Hey, that’s a nice cube. Let’s steal their stuff! What could possibly go wrong?! Anika and Liz discuss Star Trek: Prodigy‘s “Let Sleeping Borg Lie”, including…