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155. The Overthinking Podcast (LD 4.05)

It’s Romulan ale o’clock! Anika and Liz fill their yard glasses with something brightly coloured and alcoholic, don their finest diplomatic bicycle shorts, and discuss Star Trek: Lower Decks episode “Empathological Fallacies”!

153. The Cosmic Koala (LD 4.03)

We’ve updated our operating systems and speedrun the allamaraine game, and now Anika and Liz are sitting down to discuss the third episode of the fourth season of Lower Decks, “In the Cradle of Vexilon”…

146. Awkward Dinner Party, Vulcan Edition (SNW 2.05)

It’s time to discuss Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, season 2, episode 5, “Charades”. Liz eats a pile of bacon; Anika has a lot of feelings about Christine Chapel, and we discuss…