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Woke Borg (Prodigy 1.12)

Hey, nice vinculum!

Hey, that’s a nice cube. Let’s steal their stuff! What could possibly go wrong?! Anika and Liz discuss Star Trek: Prodigy‘s “Let Sleeping Borg Lie”, including…

  • Nodding to past Borg stories while also doing something new
  • There’s a fantastic synchronicity between Lower Decks‘s second contact concept and Prodigy‘s foundation being the Federation’s apparent failure to follow up after a first contact
  • All of Janeway’s assumptions are wrong, and it’s GREAT
  • We take a few minutes to be a Tolkien podcast (Rings of Power spoilers)
  • It turns out the real collective is the friends we made along the way
  • Anika has SO MANY FEELINGS about redemption, atonement and forgiveness
  • Prodigy has a very clear morality: it’s a place where it’s safe to be wrong and then do better, and you don’t have to be powerful or important or a member of a quasi-military space force to do good in the universe