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Shatner Voice (Prodigy 1.13)

If you’ve seen “Year of Hell” part 2, you’ll understand how the Diviner is EXACTLY Chakotay’s type

Anika and Liz answer a distress call and wind up on the planet of the Strange New Worlds fans. We had some audio issues in recording and sound a bit like we’re under flawlessly animated water, but we discuss things like…

  • how Liz is explicitly banned from using her Shatner voice for the whole episode
  • We have decided to ship Chakotay/The Diviner
  • When entertainment becomes the entirety of one’s culture
  • How to be Starfleet (you don’t need a uniform or a hashtag)
  • Galaxy Quest, “Muse” and “Far Beyond the Stars”
  • What better way to introduce young viewers to TOS than via the stage? (Just ask Anika!)
  • We are NOT PREPARED for Murf to change! Yes, this is a series for young people and change is a fact of life BUT WE ARE GERIATRIC MILLENNIALS AND THIS IS ALL VERY STRESSFUL