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Classic Hijinks (Prodigy 1.17 and 1.18)

Also where is the Key Club game in the style of those awful ‘Scapes games I keep seeing ads for?

Anika and Liz swap bodies and invade some holonovels as we discuss the Star Trek: Prodigy episodes “Ghost in the Machine” and “Mindwalk”. And along the way, we touch on…

  • Into the holo-verse
  • Where is the Zero-as-Dixon-Hill story we need and deserve?
  • Jankom Pog is NOT OKAY and we’re into that
  • Seriously, just a few weeks ago, we were like, “Jankom is the flattest character?” HOW WRONG WE WERE
  • Murf. Just. Murf. What?
  • It is OUTRAGEOUS that Paramount hasn’t released Delta Heart: Magical Veterinarian as a phone game
  • We do not dislike Dal’s pirate game, but it doesn’t really tell us anything new about him
  • Liz is here to ship Control/The Living Construct. And also Zora/The Living Construct. Enemies to lovers but make it AI.
  • Any time you can put Kate Mulgrew in a scene with herself, you get something good