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77. Why Are Space Dads

We follow up our mothers-in-Trek episode by looking at … dads! And, guys, there are so many terrible fathers in Star Trek. So. Many.

  • Bonus points to the Hansens, where BOTH parents are terriblel
  • Digressions: that careful balance where you don’t want to give up your whole life because you have a child, but also maybe you shouldn’t take that child into Borg space??????
  • Sisko, single fatherhood and parenting goals.
  • Rom, DS9’s other Good Dad.
  • O’Brien, a better dad in TNG than DS9 (brief digression: why Keiko and Miles really ought to consider divorce).
  • Worf. Just … Worf.
  • In defence of Kirk.
  • Data is a good dad. Soong and Maddox: not so much.
  • Our Azetbur headcanons are approximately on topic!
  • The L’Rell/Tuvok shipping is not, but that isn’t going to stop us.

We came to drink tea and make fun of Sarek … and we’re all out of tea.

We’re back! And Star Trek is so full of terrible dads that, a week and a half after recording, with a month to prep, I’m still going, “Oh, hey, I can’t believe we missed Enabran Tain! And all those other terrible, terrible men!”