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66. Ebenezer Georgiou (Discovery 3.10)

Every day is a vicars and tarts party in the mirror universe

Liz is joined by Fran to discuss “Terra Firma” part 2. Where is Anika? Only mirror!Fran knows…

  • So it turns out the mirror universe is not a fun place to hang?
  • The Terran Empire was always destined to fall
  • A redemption arc, or a reformation arc?
  • “You don’t fail upwards in the mirror universe.”
  • Saving Saru
  • Liz spoils the end of The Good Place
  • We talk a lot about Gabriel Lorca and Harry Mudd, which is weird since they don’t actually appear in this episode
  • Sorry, we really did have to discuss Lorca’s priest fetish and make fun of his screen name
  • The return and demise (again) of Ellen Landry
  • Vance is oddly inconsistent
  • Do we need to see Vance in his jim-jams? For … character development reasons?

You can find Fran at @aristofranes, or follow her Star Trek sideblog at @lorcaswhisky!

Editors note from Liz: This ep has some audio issues in the second half, but I feel like it’s good in spite of that. Although I’m biased because this conversation was so much fun.