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62. Blue Redshirt (Discovery 3.06)

Can someone please explain to Stamets what a tween is?

They had us at “unsanctioned mission”.

  • the Luke-Vader heist of Anika’s dreams
  • the teams are fracturing and it’s AWFUL but also a bit great
  • does Michael actually want to be in Starfleet? Did she ever choose to be in Starfleet?
  • Michael Burnham and the Series-Long Badge Motif
  • Michael/Book: how do we love it? We cannot even begin to count the ways!
  • a Culmets duck family
  • is Grudge a real cat: y/n?

We also go off on a wholly irrelevant tangent about the ENT episode “Carpenter Street”. 

Link: @aristofranesexcellent meta on Michael/Book, with interjections from Liz