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55. The Trekkie’s Mantra (Lower Decks season 1 – halfway point)

Hypothesis: If Boimler stumbled over the truth about the USS Discovery, he’d say it’s fake because the Klingons don’t look right

Halfway through its first season, Liz and Anika revisit Lower Decks. Spoilers, we still like it! BUT…

  • it really is awfully heterosexual
  • and isn’t it weird how, out of all the modern Trek series, only one actively pursues queer representation and the others just fall into a heteronormative default?
  • is the solution … a letter-writing campaign???

But also!

  • this is still a Beckett Mariner stan podcast
  • is Boimler … you know, that type of fan?
  • the Lower Decks characters and classic Mary Sue types