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54. It’s The Dark ‘n’ Gritty Zootopia

For the record, Liz is pretty sure that Cardassians taste like crocodile.

Anika and Liz select characters, concepts and ideas which, if copyright law didn’t exist (and also they controlled Star Trek, which, for some reason, they still don’t), they would bring into the Trek universe. We’re talking about…

  • the value of retelling stories
  • Star Trek: SVU
  • a Tal Shiar Red Room (the Black Widow kind, not the Twin Peaks kind, but Liz is actually thinking of Amazon Prime’s Hanna)
  • Star Trek: Scandal
  • Daria Morgendorffer on the USS Cerritos
  • Beastars, whose anthropomorphic animals would be equally at home on Deep Space 9 or the Cerritos
  • Miles Vorkosigan (and an accompanying rant about the depiction of Little People in Trek, and also fandom ableism)
  • Bella Swann BUT IN SPACE
  • does Starfleet need more cannibals?
  • what do Cardassians taste like?

It’s the episode where we reject wholesale the end of Rogue One!