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52. 2020 Keeps On 2020ing (SDCC 2020)

Camping out before a Comic Con panel is a lot more comfortable when you’re in your own bed.

Anika and Liz discuss the news out of this year’s virtual San Diego Comic Con. And … there’s not much of it!

  • We understand the reasons, but we’re still disappointed at the lack of release date for season 3 of Discovery (three days later: 15 October!)
  • We’re keen for Star Trek: Prodigy
  • Maybe Star Trek: Lower Decks won’t be for us … and that’s okay!
  • The All The Star Trek Ladies panel, which has some tie-in novel news we found very exciting

And, in the spirit of our traditional digressions, we also talk about Hanna (the movie and the Amazon Prime series); Star Wars: The Clone Wars; Season Finale: The Unexpected Rise and Fall of the WB and UPN by Susanne Daniels and Cynthia Littleton (a book whose title Liz has been misremembering since 2007); and Mo Ryan’s Vanity Fair piece “‘This Was Abuse’: The Fall of a CBS Showrunner”.