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40. Impossible Girls (Picard 1.06)

Just when we had gotten used to the idea that Star Trek: Picard was a bit rubbish, it went and threw a good episode at us! Anika and Liz are talking: 

  • redemption and atonement arcs
  • Anika has a LOT of feelings about Narek, okay?
  • girl-as-mystery-box storytelling (with a semi-relevant interlude of Steven Moffat fangirling)
  • Voyager references
  • Rihannsu lore is creeping into canon and we are DELIGHTED
  • Elnor’s unexpected emotional insight
  • Hugh and Seven: parallels and contrasts

We also consider Rios’s internal decorating, the nature of citizenship in the Federation, and the rights of Romulan refugees. These issues are equally important, shut up.